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Governor “Jay” Nixon vetoed many bills following the close of the 2014 Legislative Session.  Many of these bills were designed to make it very clear to state tax collectors the state legislature intended for certain transactions to NOT be subject to state and/or local sales and use taxes.  In nearly every case, these bills were originally filed, public hearings were held, an opportunity was given for local officials to testify and weigh in with their estimate of impact, and the issues followed the regular legislative process in every way.  The Governor’s Office of Administration did not respond issue large estimates of revenue loss while the legislature was considering these bills.  Local governments also did not respond that these issues would cause them a revenue problem.  Only after Governor Nixon vetoed the bills did his Office of Administration issue estimates of large revenue losses totaling $425 million in state funds and $351 million in local funds – estimates that lack credible basis in reality and reason. The Governor then went on a very aggressive campaign flying around from location to location trumpeting these inflated estimates of cost to local government officials and the press.  Many local officials have believed the Governor’s inflated estimates without question.

We conducted our own issue-by-issue analysis and invite you to read our studies of seven of these vetoed bills and make your own decision.  Click here for the real story and know that Associated Industries of Missouri is working hard to protect your business from aggressive interpretations of the tax law by this Administration.  Also, one thought you should bear in mind as you read the reports: if the Nixon Administration’s broad interpretation of the language passed by the legislature were applied to existing law, there would be no need for the clarification we are providing in these bills.  In other words, nearly all of these vetoed bills would not have been necessary if Governor Nixon had directed the Missouri Department of Revenue to fairly interpret the tax laws in favor of taxpayers rather than big government.  Just a thought to keep in mind as we approach the September 10 veto session where we will encourage our state legislators to override many of these vetoed bills. We hope you will call your legislators and do the same.  If you have any questions regarding the vetoed bills, please call our office at 573-634-2246 or send us an email at rmccarty@aimo.com



The 2014 Tax, Business & Manufacturing Conference will be held on October 22-24, 2014 at the Courtyard by Marriott in Columbia, Missouri.  For details, or to pre-register, please contact Candice Allen, 573-634-2246 or callen@aimo.com

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